The Performance Reporting Community site supports the work of the public workforce system in reporting and improving performance for ETA’s employment and training programs. This site is designed to enhance the workforce practitioner’s ability to report performance by offering one-stop for information on performance reporting policies, tools, events and other resources throughout the public workforce system. You will find important guidance, announcements, along with webinars and other upcoming events relevant to the community of professionals who assist in the reporting of performance on these various programs.

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Click on any of the links in the bar above or type in your search terms to explore the new website. If you have performance questions that are not addressed by the resources provided here, send us an e-mail to ETAperforms@dol.gov and we'll do our best (and quickest) to assist you. Note: If your question is specifically about WIPS please send the email to WIOA.feedback@dol.gov.