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October 2018 WIPS Newsletter

Every month, releases a "WIPS Newsletter" that provides updates and tools related to DOLETA's Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS). Below is the text of the October 2018 WIPS Newsletter, which includes the following topics: WIPS 9.0 Release - November 2nd (Below) WIPS 9.0 Release Notes (Attached) Notice of Reporting Extension for PY18 Q1 (Attached)

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Posted On: 11/5/2018 2:19 PM

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ETA Announces Intent to Publish ETP Performance Data to Training Provider Results Website

On May 21, 2020 the Employment and Training Administration published Training and Employment Notice (TEN) 24-19, announcing the Department of Labor’s (DOL) intent to publish the ETA-9171 Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Performance Report results submitted October 1, 2020 to the Training Provider Results website.

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Posted On: 5/22/2020 11:34 AM

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Invitation to participate in an Applied Data Analytics training program.

We would like to invite you or your colleagues to apply to a new Applied Data Analytics training class studying unemployment to reemployment trajectories. We are delighted to announce that the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration is facilitating Applied Data Analytics training for state teams through the Coleridge Initiative. The training is developed in cooperation with Illinois Department of Employment Security and NASWA

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Posted On: 10/14/2020 3:40 PM

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WIOA Performance Summer Conversation Series

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA) hosted two technical assistance events this summer: Data Validation Summit in July and Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Performance Roundtable in August. Registration was limited to promote participant engagement and interaction.

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Posted On: 8/23/2021 1:06 PM

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WIOA Wednesday - Effectiveness in Serving Employers - Another Look

Has your state identified at least two approaches for the pilot program?  Wondering what progress other states are making with their pilot programs?  How will your state report data to their respective federal agencies?  If your state has these or similar questions, please participate in this webinar!

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Posted On: 11/1/2017 11:48 AM

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WorkforceGPS Chat (Beta Version) Now Available!

The Performance Reporting Community knows you’ve been using WorkforceGPS for a while now. That’s why we’re excited to help you take things to the next level and introduce you to Chat. 

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Posted On: 5/2/2018 8:36 AM

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Webinar - WIOA Youth Performance Accountability

In the fourth webinar of "Our Journey Together TA Series," (DOLETA's ongoing WIOA Youth TA series) we will provide an overview of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) youth performance accountability system, including an overview of the performance indicators, reporting requirements, and statistical adjustment model. To attend the event, sign up on the event page. 

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Posted On: 10/13/2017 4:53 PM

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Webinar: H-1B Performance Reporting 2.0: WIPS Implementation

DOLETA will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 1:00 PM ~ 2:30 PM ET for H-1B grantees to learn more about performance reporting.  America’s Promise, Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI), and TechHire grantees are invited to join the “H-1B Performance Reporting 2.0: WIPS Implementation” webinar.

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Posted On: 12/20/2017 1:42 PM

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September 2018 WIPS Newsletter

Every month, releases a "WIPS Newsletter" that provides updates and tools related to DOLETA's Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS). Below is the text of the September 2018 WIPS Newsletter, which includes the following topics: 1. ETP Webinars 2. Amended PIRL - WIPS Toolkit (Attached)

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Posted On: 10/15/2018 10:24 AM

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Peer-to-Peer Discussions on Performance Reporting Community

The Performance Reporting Community is excited to announce the addition of a Discussion Topics page. This page allows for peer-to-peer sharing on a variety of topics relating to performance reporting, including Primary Indicators of Performance, Performance Reporting, Data Validation, MOUs, and the WIOA Statistical Adjustment Model. 

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Posted On: 6/13/2018 2:41 PM

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WIOA Performance Indicators' Summer E-Learning Series

The Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, in collaboration with the Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education and the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Rehabilitation Services Administration, introduces a new series of interactive e-Learning modules that explain select WIOA performance accountability concepts.

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Posted On: 8/24/2018 3:44 PM

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Maximizing WIOA and non-WIOA Performance Data Cohort

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), and the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) are collaborating to bring together a State Cohort on Maximizing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and non-WIOA Performance Data. 

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Posted On: 11/15/2018 2:01 PM

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Posted On: 8/22/2019 2:52 PM

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Announcing WDQI Round VII FOA

The FOA for Round VII of the Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI) has been published on Please visit  for detailed info and application instructions.

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Posted On: 3/25/2019 3:52 PM

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Custom E-Mail Alerts

WorkforceGPS has implemented a new way for you to stay up to date about the content you care about by allowing you to create a customized email alert. You will now have the ability to tailor emails from across WorkforceGPS and this Community by specific filters. Check out this video which describes this new feature and how you can set it up!

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Posted On: 6/12/2020 1:15 PM