Every month, WIOA.Feedback@dol.gov releases a "WIPS Newsletter" that provides updates and tools related to DOLETA's Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS). Below is the text of the September 2018 WIPS Newsletter, which includes the following topics:

1. ETP Webinars
2. Amended PIRL - WIPS Toolkit (Attached)



Did you know WIPS processes more than just Quarterly and Annual Performance Reports? This month provided the opportunity to learn more about Eligible Training Provider Reports (ETPs), a WIPS-processed report, through a series of webinars hosted by Department of Labor's own ETP subject matter experts. The first webinar of the series, hosted September 17th, provided a deeper understanding to the performance requirements for Eligible Training Providers (ETPs), including the performance factors for determining initial and continued eligibility and ETP performance reporting, while also providing insight about the necessary tools for reporting on ETPs. Continuing the discussion, a follow-up webinar is planned for early October to provide an open forum to address any questions that may have surfaced either during or after the initial informational webinar

If you missed out on the first occurrence of the series, there is no need to fret. A recording of the September 17th webinar will be posted online on the following website for your convenience. Additionally, the presentation material can also be found attached to this newsletter and by following the link for the webinar below.

If you are interested in learning more about Eligible Training Provider Reports (ETPs) or attending the next webinar, please contact ETAPerforms@dol.gov or follow the links below.

Webinar: https://performancereporting.workforcegps.org/sitecore/content/global/events/2018/09/04/13/22/Eligible-Training-Provider-Reporting-Requirements-and-Tools-for-Reporting-Part-I




AMENDED PIRL - WIPS Toolkit (see attached)


The attached toolkit provides a wealth of information in regards to the amended PIRL. This document includes a variety of documents supporting upcoming implementation and future utilization of the amended PIRL, including the TEN, the new WIPS file schema, a document helping users identify the differences between the 2016 PIRL and the version amended in 2018, and documents detailing all logical validations to be included when the amended PIRL is implemented and identifying the new logical validations within the system. Please reference this helpful resource when submitting your FY18 QPRs through WIPS.


Additionally, please note that PY18 Q1 reporting will not be available until PY17 Annual Reporting for WIOA has been completed.