Every month, WIOA.Feedback@dol.gov releases a "WIPS Newsletter" that provides updates and tools related to DOLETA's Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS). Below is the text of the October 2018 WIPS Newsletter, which includes the following topics:

  1. WIPS 9.0 Release - November 2nd (Below)
  2. WIPS 9.0 Release Notes (Attached)
  3. Notice of Reporting Extension for PY18 Q1 (Attached)
WIPS 9.0 Release - November 2nd

WIPS 9.0 was released last Friday, November 2nd. The WIPS 9.0 release initiated the utilization of the amended PIRL document (1.18.18) and encompasses a multitude of system updates including logical validations, edit checks, and report formatting. To review the complete list of updates within the WIPS 9.0 release, please reference the attached release notes. Please be aware the deployment of the 9.0 release on November 2nd did cause the WIPS site to be down while the system was being updated - this should have only taken a few hours and should not still effect the system.

The deployment of WIPS 9.0 also denotes the start of the PY18 Q1 reporting period. Beginning November 2nd, all programs were granted the ability to report for PY18 Q1 through WIPS. Due to the delay in implementation, an extension has been granted to extend the PY18 Q1 reporting period an additional two weeks, pushing the reporting deadline from its original date of November 14th to November 30th. This extension effects the following programs: WIOA Title I, WIOA Title III, NDWG, H-1B, REO Adult, REO Youth, TAA, Job Corps, and NFJP.

To ensure you are kept up-to-date with the status of the WIPS system in the future, please subscribe to the message board. You can subscribe within WIPS while the system is in maintenance mode to receive notifications communicating the system is back online.