The Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) was developed collaboratively by the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education as a part of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) performance accountability related provisions. The PIRL, which is composed of two documents, represents a set of common definitions that are shared across multiple programs for performance reporting.

The U.S. Departments of Labor and Education have collaboratively issued Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provisions related to performance accountability. The associated documents are: a Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL), reporting calculation specifications, and quarterly and annual report templates. All of these documents have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget for collection and can be found on the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s Performance Reporting webpage, .

There are two different approved PIRLs (which have both been amended)  that fit together to establish a standard set of data elements, definitions, and specifications at all levels of the system. It is important to note the 2 PIRL layouts are separate forms, and approved separately. The WIOA PIRL contains elements, definitions and specifications that are a subset of those in the DOL only PIRL.  

  • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Common Performance Reporting PIRL (or WIOA PIRL) (OMB Control No. 1205-0526), defines those elements that are common across the Department of Labor and Department of Education core WIOA programs. This includes all of the elements necessary for calculating the WIOA primary indicators of performance (ETA form 9170).  
    • Joint PIRL 2018 - The most recently approved amendment to the Joint PIRL definitions that are shared by the WIOA Core Programs. 
  • The DOL-Only Performance Accountability, Information, and Reporting System PIRL (or DOL-only PIRL) (OMB Control No. 1205-0521), includes all of the elements from the WIOA PIRL, plus all of the additional elements that the Department of Labor will be collecting from the various programs in the workforce system. In addition to definitions for the elements, the DOL-only PIRL also specifies which elements are required to be reported to the Department by each program (ETA form 9172).  There are currently two acceptable versions of the DOL-only PIRL that grantees may use to upload.
    • PIRL 2018 - This version of the PIRL was approved for DOL workforce program reporting in 2018, and aligns to and collects the Joint PIRL 2018 defined elements as well as DOL-specific data elements. 
    • PIRL 2020 - This version of the PIRL takes the PIRL 2018 and adds elements and a program schema for apprenticeship.