WIOA Annual Performance Report ETA-9169 **AMENDED**

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The ETA-9169 is the OMB approved template for WIOA Annual Performance Reports. The report includes all of the elements and disaggregations required by WIOA section 116, as well as: breakout reports for Measurable Skill Gains, Effectiveness in Serving Employers, and the specification for all of the elements in the report.

The Previous version of the APR was approved in June 2016 and will be used through the end of Program Year (PY) 2017.

The Amended Version of the APR will begin use starting with the report for PY 2018.

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6/5/2018 1:06 PM by Dymond Williams

Is there an average waiting period to enter into the WIOA program based on PY numbers, history, and geographical location and area?

  • 6/7/2018 2:06 PM by Kellen Grode

    This information is not something the Department tracks at this time, though it may be tracked by individual states. Performance data can be found at doleta.gov/performance.

    • 6/7/2018 2:14 PM by Dymond Williams

      Thank you!

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