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This page serves as a landing page for technical assistance that touches on topics directly relating to credentials and the credential attainment performance indicator in particular. 

  • TEGL 10-16, Change 1 
    In addition to a wide variety of relevant guidance and information in this guidance, section 7 provides a definition, methodology, and operational parameters for the Credential Attainment primary indicator of performance.
  • Credential Attainment Decision Pathway
    This tool helps to determine, based on how an individual is coded in the PIRL, whether they are included in the Credential Attainment Denominator and if so, whether they are a success in the Credential Attainment Numerator, include a version that uses PIRL element numbers and a version that uses PIRL element names. 
  • WIOA Annual Performance Report ETA-9169
    APR that includes calculations for Credential Attainment performance indicator, including disaggregation by participant characteristics and employment barriers. 


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