This page is a landing page for technical assistance for topics directly relating to effectiveness in serving employers and the effectiveness in serving employers performance indicator. The Effectiveness in Serving Employers performance indicator is different from the other 5 WIOA performance indicators in that the Departments are currently piloting (for the WIOA core programs) 3 different approaches to measuring this indicator, as is described in greater detail in these TA materials.

  • TEGL 10-16, Change 1    
    • In addition to a wide variety of relevant guidance and information in this guidance, section 7 provides definitions, methodology, and operational parameters for the 3 approaches to the Effectiveness in Serving Employers primary indicator of performance.
  • Attachment 4 of TEGL 10-16, Change 1
    • This attachment contains the specifications for the components of the two Effectiveness in Serving Employers approaches (Employer Penetration and Repeat Business Customers) that are not reported using PIRL elements.
  • Convening Materials
    • These materials, presented at the 2017 WIOA National Convenings, contain a variety of resources that touch on Effectiveness in Serving Employers.