Reporting Types of Training in the PIRL

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Beginning Program Year 2018:

This tool serves as a guide for determining which PIRL data elements and which codes to use when reporting on each of the allowable types of training under WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, and National Dislocated Worker Grants programs. 

For types of training in the yellow category (PIRL no. 1303, 1310, 1315) that have more than one option, the code value that is most appropriate should be chosen based on (1)  the instructions in the definition of the element and (2) the nature of the training. Training that falls into the green (PIRL no. 907), purple (PIRL no. 1333), or red (PIRL no. 1205) elements should always be reported in those, even if is also reported in one of the yellow elements (such as is the case with “Training operated by the Private Sector”).  

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