This page serves as a landing page for technical assistance that touches on topics directly relating to definition and reporting of reportable individuals under WIOA. 

Understanding Reportable Individuals and Participants for Performance: A Guide to Reporting Services
This is a graphical guide that demonstrates the distinction in which services are provided for “reportable individuals” and “participants” in the WIOA Adult, WIOA Dislocated Worker, Wagner-Peyser Employment Service, and National Dislocated Worker Grants, in addition to demonstrating which elements in the PIRL should be reported for these services. 

Reportable Individual Scenarios Tool
This tool provides five different scenarios for reporting on an individual whose status as a reportable individual or a participant changes across different reporting periods. This tool helps to clarify when it is appropriate to include multiple records for the same individual based on these changes.

TEGL 10-16, Change 1 
In addition to a wide variety of relevant guidance and information in this guidance, section 8 provides a definition and guidance on "Reportable Individual", as well as "Participant" and "Exit".

The DOL-only Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) includes a column demonstrating which elements are collected for reportable individuals, code value that indicate that someone is a reportable individual in a particular program, and elements for reporting services or contact that makes an individual reportable.

2017 WIOA National Convening Performance Track Materials
These materials, presented at the 2017 WIOA National Convenings, contain a variety of resources that touch on Reportable Individuals, including slide decks and practice scenarios. 

WIOA Quarterly Performance Report ETA-9173
QPR that includes calculations for many performance calculations, including "Reportable Individuals."