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This page serves as a landing page for technical assistance that touches on topics directly relating to Eligible Training Providers (ETPs) and the performance reporting requirements for ETP. 

  • ETA-9171
    This is the template by which states must report ETP performance information to DOL ETA. 
  • TEGL 3-18:  ETP Reporting TEGL
    This guidance describes the requirements for ETP performance reporting. 
  • TEGL 41-14:  ETP Eligibility TEGL
    This guidance describes the requirements for determining initial and continued eligibility for training providers. 
  • ETP Discussion Topic
    This discussion page provides a space where states can have peer to peer discussions on ETP Performance Reporting.
  • WIPS resource page
    This page includes a variety of resources for reporting in the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS), including a link to WIPS, ETP Release Notes, ETP File Schema, ETP Valid Values, and ETP Logical Rules. 
  • Webinar – ETP Provisions
    This webinar provides an overview of the ETP Eligibility Provisions described in TEGL 41-14.
  • Webinar - ETP Performance Reporting
    This webinar provides an overview of the ETP Performance Reporting requirements described in TEGL 3-18.

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