The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Annual Performance Report (ETA-9169) requires states to report on the cost per participant for participants receiving training services and for participants receiving career services. In June 2019, the Departments of Education and Labor made a non-material change to the ETA-9169 cost per participant calculations to clarify how the Departments are using the data submitted by states to calculate these measures.

This tool is designed to assist state agencies that administer WIOA title I and III programs in determining how they should be calculating the funds expended amounts needed to complete the cost per participant portions of the WIOA Annual Performance Reports.

The tool allows users to determine the level of detail they want to use when conducting this calculation, having simple, standard, and detail versions of the tool.  To account for programmatic differences, the tool also has different iterations of each of these for the WIOA Youth program. Each tab has the instructions needed to use the tool, which are consistent throughout:  fill in blue cells, which generate numbers in the green cells. Other cells provide additional information, with the orange cells indicating which numbers to enter in the ETA-9169 when reporting to the Department of Labor.

*Note:  On 6/24/2019 OMB approved a non-material change to this template, which modifies the calculations of the cost per participant (career services) elements. See the WIOA Annual Report page for additional details.