These tools serve to help clarify which cohorts of individuals are included in different performance reports (quarterly and annual) submitted to ETA. Since many items calculated in these reports are dependent on outcomes that lag as a result of timing of the outcomes and the time required to collect the data, and these reports contain the most recently available data for each, components of the same report represent groups of individuals from different time frames (aka different cohorts).

The first tool is Appendix V of Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 14-18, which provides a color-coded static look at how the different cohorts fit together to comprise different quarterly and annual performance reports on page 1 and a specific example on page 2.

The second tool is an interactive tool that allows the user to select a specific report quarter end date from a drop down and then the tool will update to clarify which cohorts are in that quarterly report.

Both tools align to the text version of the date ranges that are in the ETA-9169 on