The 2019 Performance Accountability Training addresses topics related to programs under WIOA Titles I and III. Topics emphasize the importance of data - specifically data collection, data reporting, and data analysis. Modules discuss challenges faced and opportunities for overcoming those challenges. ETA developed this training curriculum for State grantee workforce development professionals engaged in performance reporting, data collection, and data management for WIOA Titles I and III.

Module Descriptions:

1. PY17 National Performance Data Overview Presents national participant level data by each program and data trends.

2. Review of State Performance by Each Indicator Overview of national performance data by each indicator of performance.

3. Measurable Skill Gains and Credential Attainment Data Addresses measurable skill gains data and credential attainment.

4. Exploration of Shifts in Reportable Individual Data Addresses data shifts related to ETA’s amended reporting specifications and data element definitions for reportable individuals in 2018.

5. Review: Data on Participants with Barriers to Employment Reviews WIOA data on specific populations with barriers to employment.

6. Youth Data Covers in- and out-of-school youth data.

7. Effectiveness in Serving Employers Presents Labor and Education’s pilot program to measure the effectiveness of serving employers, and Pennsylvania discusses its pilot approach.

8. Data Sharing, Collection, and Reporting with Partners Discusses working with partners in data sharing, collection, and reporting.

9. Maximizing WIOA and non-WIOA Performance Data Cohort Presents ETA, OCTAE, and RSA’s performance cohort which focuses on strategies for using data to tell a State’s story.  Three of the teams share their state action plans. Self-Assessment, Model, & Webinar.

10. Statistical Adjustment Model Provides an overview of the statistical adjustment model and how the model is used in the negotiation and performance evaluation process, includes a SAM Handout.

11. Measurable Skill Gains Statistical Adjustment Model Addresses the statistical adjustment model as it applies to the measurable skill gains indicator of performance.

12. Local Area Statistical Adjustment Models Presents Texas's local statistical adjustment modelWIOA Regression Tool.

13. Promising Practices and State Tools Local Area Performance Negotiations and Statistical Modeling – States shared their practices and tools related to Performance Negotiations and Statistical Modeling.

14. PIRL Data Elements-Data Collection and Submission Presents exit date data analysis, common exit, and measurable skill gains and credential attainment denominator data element analysis.

16. WIOA & Data Validation-Perspectives and Approaches Focuses on the new data validation guidelines, outlined in the Joint Data Validation guidance (TEGL 7-18).

17. Eligible Training Provider Data Collection Covers ETP reporting requirements and answers frequently asked questions.

Follow up: Discussion Questions from FixMyProblem and Q & A Rapid Fire Modules.

1. 2019 WIOA Performance Training Discussion Questions are clarified that were addressed during the events.