In March 2019, WINTAC (ED –VR) hosted a facilitated discussion between VR state grantees, during which a number of state grantee presented on their approaches to common intake and data sharing. This is a recording of that conversation, as well as some related materials that were presented on and discussed during the conversation.

As you can see in the recording linked here, this facilitated call served to allow states and the Workforce Information Technology Support Center (WITSC) to share with other state colleagues some innovative best practices for overcoming hurdles to and improving data sharing and developing common intake processes. Under related content on this page, you can also find materials from the the presenters from WITSC, Nebraska, and Nevada on this call.

In addition to watching these recordings, you can check out WINTAC’s review of common intake best practices, processes, and tools in several states here. A more comprehensive list of WINTAC’s collection of promising practices research at