Welcome to the WIPS Roll-Out reporting resources page for Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) grants.  To the left, in related resources, you can find a PDF of the notice sent to grantees announcing the OMB approval of the information collection request package for apprenticeship grants.  Below, the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) referenced in that announcement is included as item ‘1’ below.

The full list of approved documents referenced in that announcement are included within item ‘Reference’ below.  

Resources will be added as they are developed and while the roll-out and training periods begin, so please be sure to join the community to receive email notifications when new materials and trainings are posted.  Specific guidance for reporting each element is distributed by each grant program.  ASE guidance is still in development, but reporting systems should be built to be able to report on each element indicated within the PIRL on the Apprenticeship-only tab, indicated with a red ‘R’. UPDATE! Trainings were held in December 2020 - for the full ASE Reporting page, please CLICK HERE.

Please read the monthly newsletter to keep apprised of any changes to the WIPS roll-out schedule.  Currently, WIPS training will begin for ASE grantees in the fall once the QPR BETA testing has successfully completed, and the first WIPS report for all ASE grantees we anticipate being FY 2021 Quarter 1, due February 14, 2021.  We strongly suggest that grantees submit this report as early as possible after the close of the quarter (Dec. 31, 2020) to maximize the time frame to rectify any data errors.  Please note:  WIPS report certifications be certified by the grantee later than two weeks after the due date.  Please also see TEGLs 14-18 and 23-19 for additional WIPS-related information.


1 - DOL Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) for Apprenticeship Grants – Released July 2020 This is the current PIRL for OA grantees that includes all of the data elements for which grantees should build-in the ability collect participant data and which will allow data systems to continue to be developed.  The submittal schema and the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) validation rules for submission of the data should be posted before the end of July.


Reference - OMB Approved documents resulting from revision request approval 201911-1205-008 are: